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  • What are Lash Extensions?
    Lash Extensions are long-lasting lashes made from synthetic materials, 100% mink, or silk. The extensions are applied directly to the natural eyelash using medical grade semi permanent adhesive. This gives natural lashes the appearance of being thicker and longer.
  • How long will the Lash Extensions last?
    When applied and care for properly, the lash extensions will adhere for the entire cycle of hair growth, which is about six to eight weeks, depending on the individual. Of course, if you pull the synthetic lash, it will come off as well. Natural lashes are shed on a regular basis, which may result in multiple extension loss on any given day. This is completely normal, and when the natural lash is shed, the synthetic lash will fall with it. Touch-up applications will be necessary every two to three weeks to maintain a full lash line.
  • How should I take care of my Lash Extensions?
    There are a few simple steps to follow to keep your lash extensions long-lasting. First, do not cleanse eyes, shower, swim, or use a steam or dry sauna for approximately 24 hours after application. Always be gentle with the lashes, and refrain from using an eyelash curler.
  • What does 100% Mink Lash Extensions mean?
    100% Mink Lash Extensions are completely cruelty free. Real Mink lashes are used to achieve an extremely natural look. Real Mink individual lash extensions are made from real hair and not from synthetic materials, therefore are of higher quality. They are also known for being super fluffy, light, and soft. Real Mink Lashes are easier to work with because they are so light and similar to natural lashes.
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